We are ready for summer weddings! See the FAQ page for details. All walk-ins Tuesday through Friday, appointments only on Saturdays. (Set those with the link on the page below!) Turn around times vary depending on how busy it is from week to week.

Tux & Suit Rental

If you are looking for tuxedo or suit rental for your event, we provide this service in Detroit Lakes!

We rent through Jim's Formal Wear, which you can LOOK OR RENT ONLINE HERE

Packages include coat, pants, basic shirt, vest/suspenders, tie, and jewelry (cufflinks). They are priced according to their "collection".  

Suit Rental

The warehouse is located in Illinois, so unfortunately no tuxes are stored in the store for immediate availability or try on. 

Tuxes arrive the week of your event, usually Tuesday or Wednesday. (We have no control over when it arrives.) We will text you as soon as it arrives!! Ideally we'd like you to try it on by 5:30 Thursday night, as that's the latest we can get any replacement items (jackets, shoes, etc.) sent to us in time for your event if something isn't right. We can fix hems right in the shop for you! *Friday/Saturday pickups we are unable to get replacement items sent up in time as stock is not housed at our store*

They must be returned by noon on Tuesday after the event. A $25 fee per day is assessed for tuxes returned after this point. Prom has Sunday/Monday drop off times that will be listed on your tux, and weddings can have a drop off time setup. 

PROM: You must reserve your tux no less than 14 days before the event. A $50 down payment is required at the time of reserving your tux. (Or you can pay in full if you would prefer to take care of it at the time of pickout.) Please note that popular colors and styles do sell out so reserve your tux as soon as you know your plans!

If you need to rent less than 14 days (2 weeks before the event, rush fees will apply. 

If you need to cancel your tux for any reason, you must do so 10 days or more prior to the event. Cancellation 14 days or fewer will result in forfeiture of a the $50 down payment. Any remaining balance would be refunded.

Two week rentals for two proms are charged at 50% for the second week. No services are offered between weeks. 

See return info below. 


We strongly suggest that you come in and pick out/reserve your tuxes as soon as you know generally what you want (colors, etc.) and have a date set. You do not need to have your groomsmen measured at this time, but we can set the order up in the reservation system. 

Measurements for all wedding party members are due to Skirting the Rules no later than 21 days prior to the event date. Skirting the Rules is not responsible for measurements that are not taken at the store. We strongly encourage getting your measurements from a tuxedo retailer. Wedding parties may pay in full at the time of pickup. 

If you need to rent less than 14 days (2 weeks before the event, rush fees will apply. 

**PLEASE TELL YOUR GROOMSMEN/USHERS ABOUT COSTS. ** They frequently are surprised that they have to pay to rent their tux, or that the groom didn't pay it for them. PLEASE tell them up front about this part of being in the wedding party!!!

THINGS TO CONSIDER FOR WEDDINGS: (there's no "standard", but we ask about all of these things.)

  • Differences in vest/tie color, or even entire tux between groom, groomsman, ushers and fathers. 
  • Will the fathers be renting tuxes?
  • White or ivory shirts? (If the wedding dress is ivory we STRONGLY suggest ivory shirts)
  • Ring bearers: The cost to rent a ring bearer tux for a child is the same as an adult rental. For this reason, we often suggest that you see if there is a purchasing option through a place that sells kid's clothing that is less expensive. If you DO choose to rent, they go down to a 3T in size. 

RETURNS: Tuxes must be returned no later than 12:00 the following Tuesday. Return times Sunday/Monday will be setup with you at the time of pickup. Tuxes returned late will incur a $25/day late fee. Return hours are put on a slip in the little plastic pocket on the front of your tux. ALL ITEMS- INCLUDING BOW TIE AND POCKET SQUARE- must be returned. 

LAST MINUTE RENTALS: Rentals reserved within 14 days of the event will incur rush fees. Please contact the store for details. Tuxes cannot be rented for same day/next day events. (We do not have any stocked suits in the store.)