We are ready for summer weddings! See the FAQ page for details. All walk-ins Tuesday through Friday, appointments only on Saturdays. (Set those with the link on the page below!) Turn around times vary depending on how busy it is from week to week.

Alterations Price List



 Check out the FAQ page for info on what to bring and when to come in!

Sales tax added to all alteration fees. PLEASE arrive at least 15 minutes before closing time for fittings. Remember we are all walk-ins except for Saturdays and hours are here.  At this time we are not offering custom made dresses/clothing. 

AVERAGE FORMALWEAR PRICES as of 10/7/2023 (for specific pricing scroll down) :

Bridal Gown:  (Hem+ Take In+ 3 Bustle Points+ cups)  $ 200

*Average range: $75-$250

Bridesmaid Dress: (Hem+Take In)  $ 85

Average Range: $35-$120

 Prom/Pageant Dress: (Hem+ Take In + cups) $ 125

Average Range: $35-$150

Formalwear Turn Around Time: One Week to Ten Days (5-7 business days. Can extend out during extremely busy times such as prom.)

Regular Clothing Turn Around Time: 3-5 Business Days  (Longer during prom season and sometimes at peak wedding season (End of August))

**Faster turn around times WILL incur rush fees. No same day alterations. 

Pants/ Skirts/ Casual Dresses

Pants Hem - $18

Casual/Maxi Dress Hem- $20-25 (depending on layers and fullness)

Replace Casual Dress/Pants Zipper- $12

Taper Legs/ Take In Hips - $18

Adjust Waist on Pants/Skirt- $18

Take Up Maxi Dress/Tank Top Shoulder- $10

Take In Casual/ Maxi Dress - $25

Taper Leg + Hem Pants- $26 (Combo price!)

Take in Waist + Hem Pants $26 (Combo price!)

Suit Jackets

Hem Sleeves $30

Shorten Jacket $70

Take In/Let out Jacket $35

Shoulders: Take In/Redo $150 + (*not recommended, requires rebuilding part of the jacket)


Basic Hem (Bottom)- $18

Hem Sleeve, No Cuff- $18

Hem Sleeve: Cuffed- $20

Take In - $20-25

Misc Items

Replace Winter Jacket Zipper $50 (includes zipper)

Replace Zipper Unlined Jacket $30 (includes zipper)

Add/Replace Sweatshirt Zipper $25(includes zipper)

Replace Bib Overall Leg Zip- $30

Re-stitch Seam – Varies $5-$25

Sew Buttons $5.00 first, $2.00 next 10

Add Hook/Eye $5.00/ set

Patches vary depending on shape/size/placement $7-10

Wedding/Prom/Pageant Gown

Sewing and alterations

Hems: (Includes Linings)

Bridal Gown Hem: $80-$100 (depending on fabrics/layers)

Scalloped Lace Hem: $175

Shorten From Waist- $200 (we will determine when/if this is possible or necessary- usually it's not. This requires rebuilding part of the skirt)

Bustle: Wedding-$25-50/Prom $15-25

Take In/ Let Out Top - $35-50

Adjust Straps- $20

Add Straps -$50 (we do not provide materials)

Add Corset Back - $100 (Partial: $50)

Add/Change Bra Cups (includes cups)- $22

Take Up Shoulders (Dress with sleeves) - $25

Add Lining to Top- $75

Bridesmaid Dresses

Gown Hem: $65

Take In/Let Out: $35

Adjust Straps: $20

EXCLUDED ITEMS: We do NOT do home decor items such as curtains, table cloths, pillows, etc. as well as backpacks, suitcases, or any non-clothing item.