We are ready for summer weddings! See the FAQ page for details. All walk-ins Tuesday through Friday, appointments only on Saturdays. (Set those with the link on the page below!) Turn around times vary depending on how busy it is from week to week.

Alterations/Rental FAQ & Size Chart

First off: If you're reading this page...THANK YOU!! 

Turn Around Times: 7-14 days (5-10 business days) depending on store volume. 


FORMAL GOWN (wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom/pageant) -

PROM DRESS- COME IN AS SOON AS YOU HAVE YOUR DRESS. Deadline: 2 weeks prior to prom. Bring your shoes!! 

WEDDING & BRIDESMAID DRESSES- We work a little differently here than many alterations shops. Because of our fast turn around time of one week, we encourage you to bring your wedding or bridesmaid dress in 3-4 weeks ahead of the wedding (unless this falls in the last 3 weeks of April which is Prom season). This gives us time to alter it, you to try it on and STILL have it fit perfectly the day of the wedding. We believe that altering too far in advance creates additional problems; if you change size at all after you pick up the dress you may have to have it altered again, resulting in additional cost to you. Bringing it in roughly a month out from the wedding ensures a perfect fit on the day of your wedding! (Yes, this is MUCH different than many alterations places that want to alter it 6 months in advance!) PRICING HERE

What to bring:  Please bring your shoes, especially if you are wearing a heel. If you don't have your shoes with you it is very difficult to pin an accurate hem- and no I don't guess and I won't let you stand on your toes to guess the height. Bring any undergarments you're going to wear- a push up bra makes a huge difference in fit, as does a crinoline or shape wear. Adding these items after your dress has been fit may result in the dress needing to be altered (and paid for) a second time. 

What's normal in a fitting? Most dresses need to be hemmed (they're made for someone 5'10"ish usually) and often taken in a little as few of us truly fit into the size charts of any formalwear company. It's always better to order a bigger size if you are between sizes!! There is not always room to let the dress out. If it seems like a lot to take in, don't worry. It's ALWAYS easier to take in than let out.  

We will also look at a bustle if it has a train, and talk about if you want bra cups added. (NOTE: bra cups do not provide support, just shaping and sometimes fill out the dress a little more. And no, I cannot sew a separate bra into your dress.) 

TUX RENTALTuxes work the exact opposite. We encourage you to book these as soon as possible, to ensure that the tux you want is available from the warehouse on your wedding! Nothing is worse than choosing last minute and having the tuxes you want sold out for that weekend. Sizes should be submitted as soon as possible for groomsmen/ushers; later submissions can be subject to limited size availability. 
PROM RENTAL DEADLINE: 2 weeks prior to prom



All size charts run differently! Mine bases the size off of the waist measurement. They generally run a bit small for most midwestern size charts. Please note that this size chart is for Skirting the Rules skirts and dresses only! SEE THEM HERE

Waist Measurement in Inches.

Small: 28-30"

Medium: 30-32"

Medium/Large: 32-34" (yes, this is an in-between size!)

Large: 34-36"

XL: 36-38"

1X: 38-40"

2X: 40-42"

3X: 42-44" 

Remember, my size runs are limited in each style, so when a size is sold out, it's gone! If you have a question on a size, please feel free to email nikki@skirtsrule.com . 


Yes, all of our skirts and dresses really are made in house in Detroit Lakes, MN!! Follow the Facebook page to see some pictures of the process. 

We are not making individual custom pieces at this time.