Custom Sewing

Believe me, I get it. You need to look unique for that upcoming event... wear something no one has ever seen before. You've looked everywhere for the perfect piece... and you can't find it. That's where I come in. Bring me your ideas for your special event... be it a wedding, a costume ball, or whatever it is that you need that special piece for. We will sit down and either design it, or I can work off of various photographs. We will determine the types and amounts of fabric needed, the time it will take to construct, and ultimately what it will cost you. Don’t worry- you’re in good hands. This is my obsession.

Note: Under no circumstances will I make a copy of a current designer's dress. I respect these designers’ work, and would not make a copy of them.  Having a gown custom sewn for you is NOT a cheaper alternative to buying a gown in a store. 

All my work is original with the exception of historical reproductions. For example, if you have a picture of your great-grandmother's Victorian wedding gown or have seen a 15th century painting that you are dying to wear the dress in it, I can try to reproduce it as accurately as possible.

How it works:

1. Bring me your ideas. If it's an image of one gown I'll ask you what you want different about it. If the answer is price.... see above. Otherwise know what you want changed about it. 

2. We'll determine what fabrics you want and how much of them you'll need.

3. Based on that and how much time I estimate the project will take, I can give you a ballpark estimate. We will at this point do 30% down towards the final cost of the dress.

4. I'll order fabrics and start building. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE during this step don't "swing by to see how the project is going". Often it's sitting in pieces and isn't something you can play with or try on. This also adds a TON of stress on my end. 

5. We'll set up a time for a first fitting. This will be rough; there will be unfinished parts of the dress. Sometimes I want to fit it before putting in finishing pieces or hems.

6. You'll come in again to see how the more finished product fits and looks.